Korea-Arizona Trauma Summit

Korea-Arizona Trauma Summit
March 31st through April 4th 2013

The Korean Trauma Society and the Korean Government are in the process of implementing a comprehensive NationalTrauma System that will impact multiple hospitals as trauma centers. Their plans are to invest over two billion dollars in the next few years to attain their national goal. Last year, as part of their due diligence, the Korean Government dispatched a team of 12 Trauma Surgeons and public health officials to the United States to learn how Arizona’s globally renowned statewide EMS and Trauma System, and out of hospital electronic data measurement systems was implemented and how it is measured for effectiveness. This was a very productive meeting and a new relationship was formed between Arizona EMS and Trauma System leaders including the Arizona Department of Health Services, the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation, and the Korean Trauma Society was developed.

For the past year, Bob Ramsey of the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation and Dr. Bentley Bobrow of the Arizona Department of Health Services, and the Foundation’s Medical Director, have been working closely with the Korean Government and Director Will Humble of the Arizona Department of Health Services on their mission to advance trauma care. For this Summit, the Korean Government is sending a distinguished, and larger, delegation to Arizona for further discussions on Trauma System implementation and measurement, and to establish a formal Korean Government Trauma Counsel in Arizona. To this end, a delegation of 34 physicians, nurses, public health, and government officials including Mr. Jae-Sae Oh, the National Assembly Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea; the Minister of Health and Welfare Mr. Woo Jin Jung; the Chairman of the Korean Society of Traumatology Dr. Jong Bouk Lee; and the President of the National Medical Center Dr. Yeo Kyu Youn.

The Korean Government is forging this unique on-going relationship in Arizona through an official Memo of Understanding for a formal Trauma Counsel with the State of Arizona, and appointing Bentley Bobrow and Bob Ramsey as official U.S. Counselors. The collaboration of medical expertise will continue to increase clinical excellence in EMS and Trauma Systems, and the latest medical care and information technologies will be exchanged on a global scale. Arizona medical providers are delighted to participate in this unique 4-day international partnership summit for 2013 focused on sharing the latest medical innovations, and best practices for trauma system implementation. Participating Arizona leaders, EMS and Trauma Organizations include some of the following:

Welcoming Ceremony
April 1st at Maricopa Medical Center:
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
United States Congressman Ed Pastor
Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton
Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane
Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell
Director of Arizona Department of Health Services Will Humble
Ramsey Social Justice Foundation’s Bob Ramsey
AZDHS Medical Director Dr. Bentley Bobrow
CEO Maricopa Medical Center Dr. Betsey Bayless
Phoenix Fire Department Chief Bob Khan
Rural Metro Corporation CEO Michael DiMino

Participating Organizations
For Tours, Participation, and Demonstrations:
Arizona Department of Health Services
Maricopa Integrated Health Systems
University of Arizona College of Medicine
University Medical Center
Phoenix Fire Department
Starwest Tech International
Rural Metro Ambulance Services
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Scottsdale Healthcare

Arizona has set new standards in clinical excellence for EMS, Ambulance Services, and Trauma Systems