Clinton Foundation: CGI University: Arizona to Puerto Rico

Clinton Global Initiative University was held at Arizona State University, Tempe, from March 21-23, with 1,200 students from all the world attending to make a difference in education, environment, human rights, poverty alleviation, as well as public health. We welcome you to visit



As a sponsor of CGIU-ASU our Ramsey Social Justice Foundation was privileged to serve and to learn from 1,200 aware and powerfully knowing students.


We were honored to host an Office Hours Session with the brightest most well-intended students:


And some of our most important moments were with Honorable President Bill Clinton and his Deputy Director Ilya Aspis and with the wonderfully innovative ASU President Michael Crow:


Bob Ramsey is honored to visit with President Clinton and Chief Aspis.



Bob Ramsey respectfully converses with ASU President Michael Crow.

And, we learned much more than we taught, explains Jenny Norton, during a Prison Education Panel, “Learning Behind Bars”, with Honorable Michael Tubbs and User Voice’s Mark Johnson, moderated by ASU Professor Corey Wells:



Above, Marc Chambers, Jenny Norton, and Honorable Michael Tubbs


Our enthusiastic CGIU-ASU students served our community in a Clinton Foundation work project at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix.


The Clinton Global Initiative University was held again in March 2015 at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. One thousand, one hundred students from around the world gathered to create our planet’s future, and three representatives from the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation (Bob Ramsey, Dr. Loretta Mayer, and Jenny Norton) had the privilege to join them.


Our Ramsey Social Justice Foundations has the privilege of partnering with CGI U Student Delegates Paul Lippert, David Anaya, Ayo Adejola, Craig Jude Miranda, and Eddie Massey.


Bob RamseyLoretta Mayer


Jenny Norton Office Hours

During Jenny’s Office Hours sessions, Paul revealed that he has established ReadBox Libraries in Rochester, NY, second in the nation in child poverty.  (Less than half of Rochester’s students graduate from high school).  Paul’s Commitment will create a way to receive donated books for low-performing and at-risk students in Rochester’s most impoverished neighborhoods. Donors are then invited to become pen pals with the students, to correspondent about their books, allowing the students to increase their reading and writing skills.

Jenny Norton CGI

Also within Jenny’s Office Hours, Ayo explained that her Commitment, Neonatal Incubators for Nigeria, stemmed out of a need to decrease the infant mortality rate in Nigeria.  Sadly, the under-five and newborn mortality rates in Nigeria are among the world’s highest, at 123.7 and 39.2 per 1,000 live births for 2012 and 2014.  Ayo’s Commitment will provide access to incubators in Nigeria, where a large number of babies are born prematurely.

And, Eddie revealed that his Commitment, AI in Action, is dedicated to creating a diverse pipeline of technical innovators, by teaching traditionally underrepresented students (women, minorities, low income, rural) software engineering.  They host school coding workshops, Saturday code academies, and a summer robotics program.

Plus, Craig, originally from Kuwait, announced his Commitment to ameliorate the human catastrophe of the kidnapping of girls for extortion or slavery, with a tagging system with a Geo-locator that tracks the whereabouts of our little girls , using tags embedded in school bags, hair clips, commonly used articles, to assist local authorities in keeping track of the children.


Looking forward to planning our next Commitment to Puerto Rico