We welcome you to join with us, with your presence and/or your good wishes at the following calendared causes and events:


On September 11, 2001, America’s heart was broken as we grieved with nations everywhere the loss of 2,977 friends and family members from here in our United States, and from 89 other neighboring countries.

Our hearts were personally broken when we received a late evening telephone call that our virtually lifelong friend, Gary Bird, was missing, with the other victims.

Immediately, we were thoroughly involved. Then, moments after, another telephone call came in to our kitchen wall phone, and Bob was summoned to New York City on September 12, 2001, to serve alongside a courageous team of those at Ground Zero, who were setting up victims’ survivors’ systems.  As he departed, Bob told his family, “I’m going to find Gary, too.”

A little bit later, when our hometown the City of Tempe, proposed the concept of our beautiful and glorious Memorial of Healing Fields, our Ramsey Social Justice  Foundation was privileged to join with the Cause, under direction and inspiration of Fire Chief Cliff Jones, with all our First Responders, as Jenny purchased, and as together with another courageous team, we brought each and every flag to the the Fields, to honor our beloved Camp Verde/Tempean Gary Bird and each of the 9-11 victims.


Along with our Healing Field Chairman Mr. Nick Bastian, Bob and I welcome you on September 11th to please participate in the Memorial, now nurtured by the caring Tempe Exchange Club: www.healingfield.org,

May we ask you to learn more from our Foundation’s “Inspiring Justice” Page, as well as from www.museumoftolerance.com.


World Homeless Day: 10-10

In recognition of World Homeless Day, please join the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation for a tour of our ministry to end homelessness on 10-10. Please see Help for our Homeless Neighbors.

Welcome to our Tempe Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve service on 11/21/12. More info to follow…

Homeless Persons Memorial Eve 12-21
On December 21st, the longest and coldest night of each year, our homeless neighbors and friends, unsheltered and unprotected, are exposed to hurtful and fatal weather conditions.

We encourage you to be mindful of those neighbors, (families, children, seniors, veterans), who are without homes, as we remind all Tempeans by displaying our Banner for our Cause, and by our invitation and exhortation, on of our Ramsey Social Justice Foundation, to participate with us toward ending their homelessness.  Jenny Norton or Kirk Baxter can tell you more.

Reverend Sue Ringler of Guardian Angels Parish, I-HELP, and TEAM Interfaith will offer a beautiful Homeless Persons Memorial Eve Service on 12-21 at University Presbyterian Church, 139 East Alameda Drive  Tempe, AZ 85281.

We welcome you to attend and we welcome you to contact Pastor Sue Ringler for more information about how you can join us as we wrap our hearts around our homeless neighbors who grieve the loss of their beloved friends.

January 21 for Brother Martin
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., award, presented annually in recognition of the principals and the vision of Dr. King, is designed to honor those who lead by their service to others and to quote Dr. King “…recognize that he who is the greatest among you shall be your servant…”

-Colleen Jennings-Roggensack
Executive Director for ASU Gammage
Assistant Vice President for Cultural Affairs

More coming regarding Brother Martin’s event.
We welcome you to ask more: Jenny@starwest.us.

Tempe, Our Home Town

In 1984, then Mayor Harry Mitchell appointed Jenny to the City of Tempe’s Industrial Development Authority Board. Her appointment has been renewed through today by each subsequent Mayor, including Mayor Hallman…..and she is one of the longest serving Tempe Board Members in our history.  Bob also servedon Tempe’s first Bicycle Advisory Commission, and helped to launch our progressin some of our very best bicycle pathways.  Advocates of and key to the ideology of public/private partnership, Jenny and Bob encourage you to participate in the wonderful events happening in our own neighborhoods within Tempe.

Tempe’s Help to Others was founded by our Tempe Community Council to invite residents to voluntary add an extra dollar (or more) when paying their water bills. The monies (matched by Bob and Jenny) are then designated to help our neighbors in need, initially with water and utilities, and now expanded to help our youth and our seniors.

The Evelyn Rose Hallman Endowment to End Homelessness in Tempe, (specific to supportive housing and rapid rehousing):

Launching on World Homeless Day, October 10, 2011, Evelyn’s Endowment will start a series of “Winters of Reaching Our Homeless Neighbors” with annual events on each World Homelessness Day (October 10), each Homeless Persons’ Memorial Eve (December 21) and culminating at the start of each new year (January 15, Brother Martin’s birthday.


Please visit Graham Nash’s exquisite website at http://www.grahamnash.com and participate in his causes.

Tempe’s final LEED Platinum Certified Habitat Homes to be dedicated this Saturday (read more)

The City of Tempe’s Vice Mayors, Honorable Robin Arredondo-Savage and Honorable Lauren Kuby, were early and continuing supporters of Sustainability in our Neighborhoods, partnering with the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation and Arizona State University in Victory Acres.

“The City of Tempe is excited to participate in the initiative that will help transform Victory Acres into a more sustainable community,” Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell said regarding Tempe’s Sustainable Neighborhoods partnership  with The Ramsey Social Justice Foundation and Arizona State University:

Sustainable Neighborhoods CGI Commitment to Action Report