PLACE OF REFUGE: Our Holy Hospice, Sanctuary, and Retreat

We recently located a three-acre retreat within a very mountainous and sweet climate, for entering into RefugiumGodly wellbeing, Sabbath rest, Sanctuary secrecy, Hospice journey, and Truth.

We were offered an excellent opportunity to heal oneselves, but there was also a dire need to heal the land, through shoring up a sliding mountain, under-grounding utilities, building a solar grid, protecting water sources, constructing a greenhouse, plumbing for gray-water use, and more.

Please join us to see in details with text and photos, how our friends, Guillermo, Liliana, Monica, Andreas, Fabian, Jose, Fernando, Martin, Roberto, Maria, Jeff, Callie and Robin are guiding us, and working alongside us to create a small sustainably-restored cabin, a tiny yet holy and Radiant Stained-Glass Chapel, with Biblically Genesis-inspired Gates opening to glorious Genesis-inspired Gardens, a comfortable-for-workspace Greenhouse, and an opulent organic orchard.

Our starting point was to address basic needs issues, with sustainable solutions.  First, twelve gas leaks required an entire brand new system of delivery.  Then, seven roof leaks mandated replacing the roof with one of copper, and due to standing water within the attic space, the safe riddance of rats, snakes, and termites.  During construction/renovation, hot electrical wires were found, so everything was red-tagged, and we decided to not only repair and renovate the electricity, but also to underground the utilities for the neighboring friends, too.

More construction led to the discovery that the mountain needed shoring up, the foundation need replacing, and that the plumbing will be renovated to include a gray water system and groundwater recharge for our newly planted little orchard of apples and avocados.

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On the path toward hearing “well done good and faithful servant….”