Inspiring Justice and Hope through Art

Peter Max

(Edit, and add copy from Lawn Griffiths re Aunt Edna here)



From Social Justice Minister Jenny Norton:

“During September, 2001, on September 12th (“the day after”), my EMS husband, Bob Ramsey, was summoned to New York City for a tour of duty at Ground Zero, to help organize the tragic victims’ systems.

His plane was the first in the air from Sky Harbor to New York, where he spent weeks in ardent work, saddened, yet determined.

Later, Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan painted a commemorative portrait for me to present to Bob. The portrait depicts my husband Bob’s sad, determined countenance, with meaningful shadowy skeletons of our Twin Towers in the background.

Many years later, when the significant and magnificent Face Value Portrait Collection was displayed, upon personally viewing the Collection at London’s National Portrait Gallery, we were honored to purchase it, and then, to share the most meaningful portraits of those met, and sketched, along the Nobel Laureate’s Beaten Path.”