Decades ago, Jenny and Bob formed a social justice based community services foundation to provide grants and financial assistance to underrepresented communities as well as in support of health care projects, (originally specifically chartered for rural Arizona and our Reservations), to provide assistance for education and training for emergency service and healthcare workers, and to support community-based solutions for EMS, health justice and behavioral health issues, particularly to at-risk, disenfranchised, and vulnerable populations.

Jenny and Bob oversee health justice and social justice work, engaging in ministry for global healthcare and sustainability, training chaplains for work with patients and inmates, providing shelter in solidarity with our street neighbors, our homeless, and affordable L.E.E.D Certified sustainable housing for those marginalized, as well as emphasizing all levels of all areas of care, every grain of sand, for our children in need.

Among their many general donations and contributions, specifically within the medical community, they have been centered for decades in emergency crises, currently in Covid crisis management, with PPE, electronic inoculation passports, defibrillators, medicines,  and more for emergency use. Also they provide more than 120 ambulances, as well as medical equipment and supplies to communities worldwide, with specificity throughout Mexico, Haiti, Guadalara and the Dominican Republic.

Considering the uneducated population of the underrepresented communities they also provide hundreds of students grants and endowments within the Tempe Union High School District, the Navajo Mountain High School District, and the Phoenix Union High School District.

They also offer several grants, scholarships, Fellowships and a Research Cluster annually to Tempe College Connect, Life Pacific College, Fuller Theological Seminary and our Alma Mater, the great innovative Arizona State University. See ASU’s Bob Ramsey Executive Education Program.

You are invited to click on the links to the left, to participate by volunteering in any or all of our worthy Causes.

Then, after you participate, with volunteerism or other resources, in any of our worthy Causes, we will joyously join your worthy Cause, too.

To come and help, to learn more about how to join our mission, and to engage with us, we welcome you to contact our Outreach Director Bill Epps at epps.bill @gmail.com, our Housing and Homelessness Director Mr. Lane Carraway at 480-831-5591, our Community Liaison Barb Walters Harris at barb@teamworkspr.com; our Philanthropy Liaisons Sophia Campbell at azottawagal@gmail.com, Brandon Ramsey at jenny@ramseysocialjusticefoundation.org, or David Ramsey Dilley at david@earlgreyproductions.com; our Director of Environmental Justice Mick Dalrymple at mickdalrymple@hotmail.com; or just ask Jenny: 480-262-3545.

“So go on your way accordingly
But know you’re not alone.”

I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, by Bob Dylan
Reprinted with Permission to J. Norton: Copyright © 1968 by Dwarf Music; renewed 1996 by Dwarf Music