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Our Foundation is privileged to serve The Clinton Global Initiative within areas of ideas and solutions for worldwide health and wellness, as well as sustainable neighborhoods of affordable housing, (please see “Sustainable Neighborhoods for Wellbeing and Happiness” below, as well as the Caring for Our Earth page), cleaner air quality, and full equality, participation and representation for girls and women. We welcome you to learn more about CGI, CGI America, and CGI University, please.

Jenny, applauding the presentation of Hillary Rodham Clinton at CGI America, Chicago 2013
American Dreams, American Achieving Economic and Social Mobility – CGI America 2013

Ramsey Social Justice Foundation’s Chief of Staff Gina Inorio, with Jenny and CGI Members, Guests, and other participants, planning sustainable, affordable housing and neighborhoods, one outcome  became our Foundation’s project toward the 2016 CGI – America Commitment to Action for Tempe and Guatemala Sustainable Neighborhoods for Wellbeing and Happiness.

Launched in 2016, the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation partners our Foundation with the City of Tempe, Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona and Guatemala, New Course, Arizona State University’s GIOS/Walton Sustainability Solutions, with experts from the Clinton Global Initiative, CGI – America, we have advanced our vision of the “Tempe and Guatemala Sustainable Neighborhoods for Wellbeing and Happiness” Project into a Commitment to Action, in order to perpetuate our Local and our International vision of sustainable, healthy, green-built affordable housing here and in Latin America.

Sustainable Neighborhoods for WellBeing and Happiness


The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) convenes leaders to turn ideas into action. CGI Commitments to Action represent bold new ways that CGI members address global challenges—implemented through new methods of partnership and designed to maximize impact. Commitments can be small or large, global or local. No matter the size or scope, commitments help CGI members translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable results.


Pictured above are Bill Wetzel, Luke Schiel and Giselle Sebag, all from the Clinton Global Initiative, next to Scott Cloutier of Arizona State University, then Gina Inorio, Jenny Norton and Bob Ramsey from our Ramsey Foundation, next to Elsa Palanza and David Watt, both from the Clinton Global Initiative, and Jamie Bechtel, Esq., from New Course, together for our Presentation of the Sustainable Neighborhoods for WellBeing and Happiness proposal to become a CGI America Commitment to Action.


Working toward building sustainable neighborhoods, CGI U Commitment-maker and Ramsey Foundation colleague David Anaya (front right), with CGI America staff and members (including Gina and Jenny, not shown), at 2014 Summer conference.


Jenny CGI 2015  CGI Opening Bob Ramsey and PaulaJenny Norton  Jenny and Patricia


A very successful Sustainable Neighborhoods for Well-Being and Happiness January 2016 Launch with Habitat for Humanity, ASU, and The Ramsey Foundation: Gabriel Jaramillo, Maribel Saucedo, Jason Barlow, Jenny Norton, Scott Cloutier, Lisa Weide, Liz Pabst-Wanless and Roger Neuhaus.

May we share the photography of the CGI America 2016 Conference, during which time that the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation’s “Sustainable Neighborhoods for WellBeing and Happiness” Commitment to Action was announced.  And may we please welcome you to visit about the details on our “Two Sustainable Neighborhoods – Tempe and Guatemala” website page, with information also detailed below.
Clinton Global Initiative Photos

Jenny Norton and Bob Ramsey walk alongside Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona, Habitat for Humanity International, Habitat para la Humanidad Guatemala, the City of Tempe, Arizona State University,  New Course, and Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, (with supportive experts from the Clinton Global Initiative America) as together we help to build sustainable and affordable homes for the Least Among Us.

2016 CGI America Announcement


The Ramsey Foundation’s first keystone sustainable build was in Glendale, Arizona. With 100  volunteers, we constructed the first LEED Platinum Certified Sustainable affordable home in the nation. To learn more we welcome you to see Glendale’s Home Green Home, the video that also won the 2009 Rocky Mountain Emmy Award, and to read the following article: Since then, with Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona, we have built a NetZero home and one hundred other completely green homes that are affordable, including three in our home town, Tempe. Jenny and Bob also walk alongside Habitat for Humanity, International to provide clean water and shelter in our nations of need, particularly assist in alleviating poverty in rural areas of Haiti and Guatemala: We welcome you to look here: Haiti, and Building a Decent Place for Children, and to read more about our Neighborhoods mission, (Seeds of Hope), in beautiful Guatemala below. (Also, please see Bob raising another new wall in the photo to the right): Our most recent project was in Tempe, our hometown, with our Wall-raising on January 5th, 2013 and the Dedication on June 1st, as we built the first LEED Platinum level sustainable and affordable home in Tempe, partnering with 500 volunteers from the Tempe Community Action Agency.  Mayor Mitchell and Councilmember Woods were our guests of honor.

. image IMG_5061

Pictured above, we were very honored to be included in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Award Presentation for Honoree Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona (for our three Tempe Sustainable Affordable homes).  Here are Ramsey Social Justice Foundation’s Bob Ramsey, with Habitat Board Member Kathleen Pechman, Habitat Director of Construction Paul Murphy, Habitat President Jason Barlow, Ramsey Foundation’s Gina Inorio, and Habitat Board Member Michael O’Connor.

Overseeing our vision and action are the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation’s Social Justice Minister, Jenny Norton, RSJF’s Chief of Staff Gina Inorio, RSJF’s Neighborhoods Project Product Coordinator Jake Ireland, RSJF’s Media Advisor Robin Manelis; with overall coordination from our Neighborhoods Program Manager New Course CEO Dr. Jamie Bechtel, Esq., New Course Chief Program Officer Karl Morrison; plus Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona’s President Jason Barlow, Development Officers Roger Neuhaus and Liz Pabst-Wanless, Neighborhoods Experts Maribel Saucedo and Gabriel Jaramillo, Marketing Director Dusty Parsons; Habitat para la Humanidad of Guatemala’s Director Don Luis and Development Director Steven J. Cook; with leadership by the City of Tempe’s Mayor Honorable Mark Mitchell, Council Member Honorable Corey Woods and Council Member Honorable Kolby Granville, as well as City Staff members Public Information Officer Denise Rentschler, Tempe Neighborhoods Director Shauna Warner, Naomi Farrell and Larry Schmalz; with expertise from Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability Development Director Connie Eggert, Executive Director Patricia Reiter, Assistant Professor Dr. Scott Cloutier, Engagement Manager Mara DeFilippis, MSUS Candidate Andres Gonzales, Sustainable Practices Director Mick Dalrymple, Media experts Christine Rose Weir and Jason Franz; with Wellbeing guidance and oversight from Green & Healthy Homes Initiative President Ruth Ann Norton, as we all partner together for our 2016 through 2019 vision to certify sustainable our Tempe neighborhood, Victory Acres, as well as neighborhoods Santo Domingo Xenacoj, Milpas Altas, Santa Lucia, in rural Guatemala.

Our project, of scaling up our mission of building more than 100 sustainable affordable homes to building, globally, sustainable neighborhoods was officially launched in June 2016, and is termed “Sustainable Neighborhoods for WellBeing and Happiness,” with some more details following.

Seeds of Hope: A Partnership with Ramsey Social Justice Foundation, Arizona State University, New Course, and Habitat for Humanity Guatemala

From Director of International Resource Development, Guatemala, Steven J. Cook, regarding Seeds of Hope, “the needs of these communities are so great and diverse, and we here at Habitat Guatemala are encouraged to be working with partners such as yourselves to work with families in need and assist them in improving their living conditions.” Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.05.12 AM

From Roger Neuhaus, Chief Development Officer of Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona, regarding Seeds of Hope: “This relationship makes the world smaller.” 1000 1001 image2

Pictured above: Led by Señora Pinillos, wife of Mayor of Santa Lucia, in Community Meeting, following opening prayers by Señora de Los Oraciones, with Two Sustainable Neighborhoods Team Representatives from Arizona State University, New Course, Habitat Guatemala, Ramsey Social Justice Foundation; followed by listening within Milpas Altas’ Community Meeting, by Steven J. Cook, Director International Development, Habitat Guatemala, Bob Ramsey, Founder, Two Sustainable Neighborhoods (CEO, Ramsey Social Justice Foundation), Dr. Jamie Bechtel, Project Manager, Two Sustainable Neighborhoods, (CEO New Course), Jenny Norton, Social Justice Minister.

UPDATE: July 2016 Progress Report from Santo Domingo, Xenacoj:

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.33.30 PM
Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.34.04 PM
September 2016 Update will please be placed here.
September 2016 link to photographs will please be placed here.



Roger Schweirjohn, Former CEO of Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona with RSJF’s Jenny.  Also see Signature events mark Habitat for Humanity’s celebration of World Habitat Day RSJF’s Gina Inorio, Bob Ramsey, Marc Chambers, celebrating our 53rd sustainable build in our hometown, Tempe.


Pictured above: Under the wonderful guidance of Habitat for Humanity’s Maribel Saucedo and Gabriel Jaramillo, during January 2016, Habitat Staff with Assistant Professor Cloutier’s ASU Classmembers canvassed our Victory Acres neighborhood with 153 successful outreaches. “This Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action project contributes to an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable and happy future for residents of both Tempe, Arizona, and Guatemala,” said Dr. Scott Cloutier, ” To be able to use an essential and elemental sustainability indicator such as happiness to develop vibrant communities that scale across continents demonstrates our Commitment to be a local and global resource.”


Pictured below:  during our second orientation in April, led magnificently by Habitat’s Maribel Saucedo, with excellent input from Habitat’s Gabriel Jaramillo, Liz Pabst-Wanless, Roger Neuhaus, and Dusty Parsons, receiving training were City of Tempe Neighborhoods Director Shauna Warner, City of Tempe’s Public Information Office Denise Rentschler, Ramsey Foundation’s Neighborhoods Product Coordinator Jake Ireland, and Ramsey Foundation’s Social Justice Minister Jenny Norton. (Photography, courtesy of Dusty Parsons, Habitat for Humanity) image1 IMG_5978

CGI AMERICA 2016, ATLANTA, SUSTAINABLE CITIES WORKING SESSION, (LED BY ROSE WINER), DURING ANNOUNCEMENT BY GRACIOUS FACILITATOR STEPHANIE:Image 1 Ramsey Social Justice Foundation’s Gina Inorio with Jenny Norton detailing “SUSTAINABLE NEIGHBORHOODS FOR WELLBEING AND HAPPINESS”.Image 2 Gina and Jenny continued the dialogue as their CGI America colleagues develop ideas into action for Sustainable Cities, within the Working Sessions. FullSizeRender3

President Ruth Ann Norton, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, receiving their Commitment to Action from Atlanta’s Mayor, Honorable Kasim Reed:

Image 4

A most magnificent moment in all history, President Carter and President Clinton in conversation at CGI America, Atlanta:Image 5 ———————————-

May we share the photography of the CGI America 2016 Conference, during which time that the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation’s “Sustainable Neighborhoods for Wellbeing and Happiness” Commitment to Action was announced. Clinton Global Initiative Photos



We are honored to be serving our Sustainable Neighborhoods for Wellbeing and Happiness Commitment to Action alongside three generations of Tempe Victory Acre families, as shown below Teresa Lizarraga Gonzales, her father Frank Lizarraga, Sr., and husband Steve Gonzales, with furry little Fitz, as well as with Habitat for Humanity and Ramsey Social Justice Foundation Staff and Volunteers:


And, Frank Lizarraga, Jr., in front of his home with Habitat for Humanity and Ramsey Social Justice Foundation Staff and Volunteers:IMG_6108

Please See More Photos of the Most Wondrous Families and Volunteers on Mother Earth:

First Working Day in Victory Acres




Tempe’s final LEED Platinum Certified Habitat Homes to be dedicated this Saturday (read more)

We are happy to announce that we are now on Facebook:





The City of Tempe’s Vice Mayors, Honorable Robin Arredondo-Savage and Honorable Lauren Kuby, were early and continuing supporters of Sustainability in our Neighborhoods, partnering with the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation and Arizona State University in Victory Acres.

“The City of Tempe is excited to participate in the initiative that will help transform Victory Acres into a more sustainable community,” Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell said regarding Tempe’s Sustainable Neighborhoods partnership  with The Ramsey Social Justice Foundation and Arizona State University:

Sustainable Neighborhoods CGI Commitment to Action Report