Visiting and Connecting with History

Choosing a moving and loving time of reflection for her April 2012 67th birthday, Jenny Norton visited the past.

Jenny and Bob’s dearest friends Ella Steinbeck, her husband Jeff Rosen, via Larry Jenkins, with Jonathan Koppell, helped to locate the resting places of Jenny’s Grandmama and her Great-grandparents.




Found Great-Grandfather Jacob and Great-Grandmother Fannie: 

Offering Prayers, Kaddish; Planning Groundskeeping:

On My Way to Molly:



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image1  visiting2

Update, Rosh HaShanah 2014:  Planning our future Silbert Family Memorial Bench, with Montefiore’s Head Groundskeeper Mr. Kenny.

Placing stones, with prayers, for Grandmama Molly, and for Great-grandparents Jacob and Fannie.